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The Team

Brent represents our clients before County Board of Appeals and specializes in audit negotiations and equalization strategies.  

Brent Beckwith -  Partner

Warren Thefeld - Partner

Warren brings 20 years of property tax representation with specialization in heavy industry, medical instrumentation and audit appeals. 

Carole Trousas - Partner


Carole specializes in emergent technogy representiaon including life science, semiconductor and telecommunication (data-cloud) industries. 

Brad Johnson

Legal Counsel



Brad is in his 20th year of legal practice emphasizing  property tax litigation before the Nevada State Board of Appeals. 

Jim Bates, CMI

Senior Analyst

Personal Property

Jim specializes in telecommuncation, life science and aerospace industries. 

Jay Johnson - Partner

Executive Director of Operations 

Jay is  responsible for  state-level appeals and corporate management.  He has 16 years of ad valorem assessment experience. 

Paige Johnson

Real Estate Budgeting and


Paige manages our budget consulting group. Working with institutional real estate owners in developing budgeting policies, procedures and generating financial reports.

Michael Azedillo

Senior Analyst 

Real Property

Mike manages our real property case portfolio. He has over 1200 successful appeals over the past 20 years. 

Russ Johnson 

TeleCloud Analyst

Personal Property

Russ is a seasoned server-router-switch appraisal expert with 15 years of network hardware lease buy-back valuation experience. 

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